Distemper found in Albany

Albany Police Department
22 hrs ·
The Albany Police Department is urging members of the public to ensure that their dogs are up to date on their shots; especially their canine distemper vaccinations after several raccoons and skunks have been located in the city with the contagious and serious disease.
Over the last few weeks, Albany Police Animal Control Officers have responded to several calls from the public regarding skunks and raccoons that appear to be exhibiting abnormal behaviors. At least 25 of them were captured by animal control officers and displayed symptoms including circling behavior, muscle twitches, paralysis and other indicating that the animals were ill. Several of the animals tested positive for canine distemper at a local lab.
Please also note that without specific lab testing, it’s difficult to differentiate whether an animal has canine distemper or rabies. Anyone who sees a wildlife animal that may be sick is asked not to approach the animal but call the #Albany police at 518-438-4000.
For more information about canine distemper or to learn what vaccinations can help keep your dog safe, please contact your veterinarian.