Grooming by Jamie

Our dogs deserve a day of beauty.  Grooming available every Tuesday and Saturday.  See special offers for $10 off coupons.

February is Dental Month

February is Dental Month!

Dental Problems are one of the most common health issues.  It affects at least 70% of dogs and cats.  Dental problems can seriously affect the overall health of your pet and could potentially affect quality and longevity of life. Symptoms of dental disease are bad breath, excessive drooling, decrease appetite due to painful chewing, and gum discoloration.  Stop in to receive you free vet tec dental check.  See special offers for 15% off coupon.

Canine Influenza

There have been confirmed cases of Canine Infuenza in this area!  Canine Infuenza infects the respiratory system and is extremely contagious.  Symptoms include coughing, sneezing, discharge from eyes and nose, fever, lethargy, and decreased appetite.  Treatment would include supportive care, rest, and a possible cough suppressant.  Isolation from other dogs is a must. Antibiotics may be used if there is a secondary bacterial infection. Severe forms need to be treated aggressively with broad spectrum antibiotics, IV fluids, supportive care, and hospitalization until the dog is stable. One of the biggest questions we get is can I catch Influenza from my dog and/or can my dog catch Influenza from me?   We know that the flu virus is capable of mutating and jumping from species to species.  This virus started out as the bird flu.  We can not be 100%  sure based on ongoing studies.  

We offer the Canine Influenza vaccine.  Please give us a call to set up an appointment.  Protect your pet today.


FLEA AND TICK SEASON IS IN FULL FORCE.  Stop in now and pick up your pet's monthly flea and tick medication.  We have coupons for free doses!

So far this year we have had 49 dogs test positive for tick borne diseases! The recommendation for all dogs is to test, vaccinate, and use a tick preventative.  Call us today to set up an appointment.


Coming End of May 2012!


We have added 8 new oversized runs to our kennel to better accomodate our large breed and extended stay friends.  Early morning drop-offs and after hours pick-ups are available.  Stop in to see our facility and meet our kennel staff.

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