Thank you all so much for saving this precious boy’s life. I know it was tough at times.

Thanks to all of you he has a new life. He is happy, loves to cuddle and play, he is amazing. Here is a picture I just took. What a difference from those first pictures I have of him.

I have adopted him, so he is now a permanent part of our home.

Thanks again,
Carol and Dobby

To All at Central Veterinary Hospital,

Thank you all so much for the loving care you have shown Charlie all these years. Your kindness and concern have meant to all of us.

Beverly and Family

Dear Dr H. and Central Vet Staff, March 2013

We need to thank you for everything, everything, everything you did for Frank and for us over these last many years. Because of your amazing kindness and warm hearts, you didn’t give up on Frankie when many others might have. And because of you we had the absolute privilege and joy of living with that little dog for five plus years, and loving him forever.

He was so, so special, and we know you saw that too. We miss him terribly, and we are a bit lost without him needing so much every day. Funny thing about Frank though was that he had no idea then he needed so much because his needs were so simple – he just wanted to be near us. If he had that, he was Mr. Confidence! It was the true delight of our lives to watch him come out of his shell – to see him make lots of friends, go to dinner parties. Vacation at the beach, learn to swim, and be so proud of himself for it, and go on endless walks in the park, and through Albany streets. Everyone loved seeing him, and we loved loving him.

So again, a million thanks to you for the beautiful, hard work your group does every day. And innumerable thanks and gratitude for taking in our boy until we found him, and he found his happy forever home with us. We just loved him so much.

Much love and respect,
Jessica and Bill

To Central Veterinary Hospital – To All the Vets and Staff,

I want to thank you so much for your kindness and concern. You were great to both me and "Verbal" while he was alive. When the accident happened, my heart broke. Your gift of his paw print and a lock of fur brought a smile to my heart. Thank you so much for all you have done in life and in passing.


To Dr Hardaker and Staff, 11/2012

We cannot thank you enough for the kindness and compassion shown to us and our beautiful Hunter, not only at the end of her life, but during the time she was in your care. Special thanks to Annie for being there for us and to Dr. Tobin for making Huntie’s last minutes peaceful.

While we will never fill the hole left in our hearts with Hunter’s passing, knowing she had all of you by her side helped immensely.

Thank you again.

Scott and Debbie

To the Doctors and Staff at Central Veterinary Hospital ,

On Wednesday, October 3rd I had to put my cat of 15 years, "Vester" down. He was a true friend and character. Your acts of compassion and kindness will always be remembered.

Thank you all!

To the Entire Staff at the Central Veterinary Hospital –

October 24, 2012 is a date I won’t soon forget as it is the day my Golden Retriever, Jack, died. I also won’t forget the expert treatment he received that morning at C.V.H. From the moment he was scooped out of my vehicle, to the research effort and communication with Poison Control, to everyone’s compassion – we were both in good hands. I don’t doubt for a second he knew he was among people who really cared.

With Heart Felt Thanks,

Michel and the Whole Gang at CVH.

Just trying to say thank you to each of you, and the tears fall. “That crazy one”. Our Blue was crazy. She was crazy about life, so excited to be loved, and we were crazy about her, and we loved her dearly. God gave us her for 12 years, and they flew by. But all of you helped us give her the best in that short time. We thank each of you for all of your help and support. Dr. Hardaker, you are “The Best”, and have surrounded yourself with the best staff. We appreciate all you do, day in, day out.

Lee, Judy, and Quincy


Thank you all for everything you do and your love for my kitties.

Love Pris, Rainy Day, Snowy Day, Winter, and Sunshine

To All of My Wonderful Friends at Central Vet,

Thank you for taking such good care of me during and after my surgery. I am feeling much better. My parents even say that I can have bunny play dates now. I can’t wait to see you all soon.