Winter Safety

Winter Tips for your Pet

Winter is upon us.  There is a common misconception that dogs will be "ok" if left outside.  This is absolutely not true! To ensure your pets safety this winter here are some tips from the veterinarians at the Central Veterinary Hospital. 

1.  Do not keep your pets outside for long periods of time.  They can suffer from hypothermia and frostbite.

2.  Keep indoors in extreme weather.  If that is not possible, a suitable shelter is needed to protect against the elements.  Insulation like straw and blankets will help keep in body heat. Do not use heat lamps, space heater, kerosene heaters, etc.  These can be fire hazards.  Heated dog beds and heated water dishes are available at most pet stores.

3.  Thoughly wipe off your dog's paws, legs, and stomach when he/she comes in from the outdoors.

4.  Use ice melt that is safe for you pet.

5.  Keep your cats indoors in the winter.  Outdoor cats can freeze, become lost, stolen, injured, and be exposed to infectious diseases.  During the winter outdoor cats will sleep under the hood of cars.  The heat from the engine helps them stay warm.  Cats can be injured or even killed by the fan belt when the car is turned on.

Any questions about winter safety please give us a call.