Dear Clients,

We hope this letter finds you well and coping as well as can be expected in the current Covid environment.  We would like to update you on the current status at our hospital and in the broader veterinary field.

The good news is that our lobby is back open to all clients who wish to enter.  As per the CDC, masks are required in the building and social distance guidelines are being observed.  We ask families limit themselves to 2 people with their pet to help adhere to best practices.  Curbside service is still available to those who prefer it.

With all of the restrictions in place and the current staff shortage seen across all sectors of the economy everything that we do just takes longer.  This is frustrating for our clients and more so for our staff.  There is a heightened demand currently for veterinary services at all levels and meeting that demand is proving to be very difficult.  Clients can help tremendously by giving us extra lead time (48-72 hours) for medication refills, prescription diets, doctor call backs, etc. Please do not wait until you are down to your last pill or can of food; the more lead time we have the easier it is for everybody. We have had to prioritize sick and urgent appointments which means a longer wait time to get in for wellness/vaccines visits. We understand this is frustrating but we ask you to remember that this is only in an effort to make sure our critical patients are not suffering.  We have also had to cut back on our boarding as we simply do not have the staff to service a large number of boarding animals. 

Beside the high demand for services that we are experiencing, the emergency hospitals in this area are also overwhelmed.  Non urgent cases are being turned away and wait times can extend out to 10-12 hours.  If you are unsure that your pet is experiencing a true emergency after hours you can contact a triage veterinarian by going to Vettriage.com  They can provide televet services to determine if your pet needs immediate care.

While our industry, like many others, is stretched to the limit, we at Central Veterinary Hospital strive every day to meet the needs of our clients at all levels.  We need both your help and patience to achieve this and ask that everyone remain respectful to our staff. These are difficult times but working together we can get through this and come out stronger moving forward.

Thank you for all of your support and working together we will all move forward to better times.

From all of us at Central Vet